Buying a Car MP3 CD Player
Anne Ahira

One of the problems many people have with their portable MP3 players is that they can't enjoy them while driving. Unless you have an older model car and a car kit, you'll be without your favorite playlists while commuting. A better option is to invest in a car MP3 CD player. These units are installed into your dashboard and provide full-service music enjoyment. You can plug in your portable MP3 player, listen to CDs, and even enjoy the radio if you want. Below are some of the car MP3 CD player options available on the market.

JVC Car KDG340

JVC has always been one of the top names in electronics so it's no surprise they make one of the leading car MP3 CD player units on the market. As the name suggests, the dashboard model includes a CD player that can not only read traditional CDs but also those you burn with your own software. For an extra $25, you can purchase a iPod adapter that will allow you to listen to your favorite iPod in the car as well. However, you can't listen to other digital MP3 players. Other adapters are also available for satellite radio and other options. If you like your car stereo to kick up the bass, this unit also has outputs for subwoofers. Plus, the detachable face adds some security so you won't have to worry as much about your car MP3 CD player being stolen. Without installation, you'll pay around $80.

Pioneer DEH-2000MP

As another big name in car stereos, Pioneer also has a reputation for excellence which they demonstrate with this particular car MP3 CD player. The price is around $85 which is quite reasonable even without the installation costs. Like the JVC model, this car MP3 CD player fits into the dash conveniently. The unit includes an AM/FM tuner and allows you to store all of your favorite stations in its memory for one-touch access while you're driving. You can also use the mp3 CD player to play traditional discs, as well as discs that contain MP3, WAV, and WMA music files. Another nice feature is that the system will read the ID3 tags on the songs then scroll the names on the display which makes listening to music more fun. Most importantly, however, is that the car MP3 CD player comes with a convenient auxiliary port located in the front so you can plug in your iPod. If you prefer, you can also use the input for a satellite radio receiver.

Other Options

If either of the car MP3 CD player choices are not perfect for you, you can find others by different brands. The best places to look are through online vendors, although you may want to check installation estimates for your vehicle before you make the purchase. There are other choices, too. If you have a cassette player and/or a lighter socket in your car, you can use car kits to turn your existing dashboard system into a car MP3 CD player.

Author: Anne Ahira, CEO of Asian Brain Company

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